Confirmation of new Tesla Service Center and Store coming to West Palm Beach [Now Operational](Public)

April 08, 2020 11:39 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

New "Coming Soon" West Palm Beach Service at 5544 Okeechobee Blvd.

For current status, please scroll to the bottom of this article.

An article in the Palm Beach Post on August 16, 2018 indicates that the West Palm Beach Service Center and Store will be moving to a new larger location also in West Palm Beach.  The article doesn’t provide any target dates for occupancy. Here’s the relevant excerpt from the article:

“Pebb [Enterprises] also just finished building Tesla’s new showroom and service center, at 5544 Okeechobee Blvd., just east of the Turnpike. The next step is interior construction of the electric car dealership, which will be a flagship Tesla location, one of a new breed of standalone Tesla centers being built. (The location will replace a small, out-of-the-way dealership and service center at 4651 Dyer Rd. in West Palm Beach. Tesla also has small showrooms at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens and the Town Center mall in Boca Raton.)”

The Dyer Road location mentioned in the news article currently remains open to support Certified Preowned Tesla operations.  The Supercharger Station collocated there is now used to support Dyer Road opperations and its location has been removed from the navigation systems of the Tesla owner fleet.

There has been some speculation on online forums that this new Service Center location could also support the installation of a new public Supercharger Station which would be located less than a mile from the Florida Turnpike.  However, a new Supercharger Station was completed last December just 8 miles away from this future Service Center. (New “Coming Soon” West Palm Beach Supercharger Station discovered under construction [Now operational] (Public)  Therefore, it is unlikely that a public Supercharger Station will be collocated there.

I’ve checked the public records to validate the news article. It is accurate. In July 2017 the property was purchased by Accelerated Investments from Schumacher Auto Group for $5,000,000.

Shortly after Accelerated Investments purchased the property, they hired a Civil Engineering firm to draw up plans to demolish some buildings on the site, renovate others and do reworking of the site to remove asphalt and concrete in preparation of for repaving of parking. 

For a full-sized image, right-click on the image below and open it in a separate tab.

Accelerated Investments remains the owner of record. They have the same business address as Pebb Enterprises.

Update as of April 28, 2019.

Review of public building permit records show that an application for Tenant Build-Out (Tesla ) was applied for in September 2017. Then in May 2018 it was approved and immediately suspended by the permitting system, probably because a contractor hadn't been assigned to the project.  On November 2018 the application was voided for being inactive for more that 184 days. 

Subsequently, in 2018 numerous permits were initiated by the owner of the property, Accelarated Investments, on behalf of various trades. Theses include interior demolition and alterations, electrical, roofing, fire alarms and sprinkers, landscaping, plumbing, lighting, irrigation, etc. This may have eliminated the need for the initial Tenant Build-Out permit application that was voided. Some permits were completed and some remain active.  Notably there are several active permits for Tesla signage, again confirming that Tesla is going to be the tenant.

The absence of any Tesla signage on the building or on the front door suggests that Tesla has not yet taken control of the building to utilize approved signage permits. 

A club member reports that the main electric meter was recently installed.  Prior to this permits were issued for temporary and emergency power to support construction activities.

Update as of January 24, 2020.

Service Center nears completion. 

 Tesla sign has been installed

The contractor was was very accommodating in allowing photographs to be taken inside. He said that theyare expecting to open in the middle of February.

In addition to the two destination chargers inside, there are six in the front parking lot. The contractor stated that he also had two superchargers to install but those where for internal use and not for the public.

Update as of April 8, 2020.

The new West Palm Beach Service Center is now operational. Service appointments began in late February, 2020.

After the pandemic crisis has passed, if you live near the service center, please forward photos of the store and other highlights such as the Supercharger. 

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Larry Chanin

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